Little Angels - 2

It was a good week back.All our friends seem to have grown over the break.The class enjoyed our Easter celebration.Thanks to all for the treats. We celebrated Oliver's birthday on Thursday and Sofia will be our first May birthday on Monday. Emily and Kyle follow turning four later this month.

As the good weather is here we will go out for play and walks more often.Please, NO FLIP FLOPS. Secure sandals or sneakers are the best footwear.

Monday is our Planting  Day.We will be learning all about how plants grow and how we need to take care of our egg carton gardens. We will water and record growth. After a few weeks of growth we will take them home.

May is Blessed Mother Mary's month so we will learn more about her.We will honor her as the Queen of Heaven with a May crowning of our classroom statue.

We are continuing our ever popular Math Center with all our games and manipulatives and build our concepts as we go.

This week we will work on Nn ,Oo ,Pp.

We got so busy with Earth day on Thursday.,we did not make our noodle necklaces for Nn.


We can use some baby wipes to get through until June. We have enough paper towels and tissues.

Thank you so much.

Happy to hear PreK  class is full for September with a waiting list.























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