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June is here! Can you believe it? The children are getting ready for Step Up!


In Religion, we are going to discuss how God is with us always.

We will have some letter fun with the letter Ii and Jj to jump start the month of June. We will read Milk to Ice Cream and then try making ice cream in a baggie. We will also read Peanut Butter and Jellyfish and make a jellyfish craft. We will ‘go fishing' on the carpet to help reinforce our letter and number recognition. As we continue letter recognition, we have started tracing our letters. We will continue to build our letters with magnets and trace in the sand and allow for letter formation to happen organically as well. We have also been practicing our letter sounds and thinking of words that begin with the sound. As the break nears, please continue to practice these skills over the summer. It can be made into a fun I Spy game (I Spy something that starts with the letter) as you travel for summer activities. =)


Some other books we will read to go along with our themes include There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell, A House for Hermit Crab, The Ocean Alphabet Book, Chicka Chicka 123, The Crayon Box that Talked, and Pre-K Here We Come!

We have been exploring in our science center. Last month we made slime. This month we will have some fun building with sand and looking for shells. We will also use our water bin and explore sinking and floating.


Some reminders and announcements...

Thank you Mrs. Hall for coming in to talk to the children about being a police officer. The children were really excited and enjoyed your visit! Pictures are below. There is still some time left if any parent wants to come in. Just send me a note or email and we can try and fit it in before the school year ends.

Thank you for also sharing the children's cultures with their classmates and me. It was a fun learning experience for all!


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  1. End of the Year Picnic at Owl’s Head June 6. Parents that are walking to the park should meet us outside on 74th street at 9:30AM. If you are meeting at the park, please be there by 10AM. If any parent that put they would meet us at the park, but wants to walk with us instead can just meet outside of school at 9:30. The children do not need backpacks that day. When we arrive at the park, we will set up our towels and blankets, have our snack, and lunch after the children play. There is also a sprinkler next to the park. Let’s hope for some nice warm weather!

2.     Little Angels Step Up Day to Pre-K is set to take place on Thursday, June 15 at 10am! Children come to school at 9:30am. June 15th is the children’s last day of school.

3.     Summer Birthday celebration June 5th – Our summer birthday friends are welcome to send in treats to celebrate their birthdays with the class.

4. On Tuesdays, we use the downstairs gym. Please make sure your child wears sneakers that day. As the nice weather is here we will go out to the Flower Pot yard and take walks around the block to explore our neighborhood. Of course there will be no crossing of streets.

5. Library Friday




Mrs. Hall's Visit

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